Maths Mastery

The school started its mastery journey by joining one of the NCETM maths hubs from September 2019. As part of this programme, staff collaborate with colleagues from other schools to develop and spread excellent practice, for the benefit of all pupils. In year one of the programme, three members of staff were part of the collaboration – Mr Ball, as maths lead and Miss Kerfoot-Roberts and Miss Stone as members of the maths team. The work involved observing lessons and taking part in post lesson discussions and studies; CPD based around the 5 big ideas; and in school support from a mastery specialist. The in school support brought about key areas to focus on and improve and the second year of the programme will fundamentally be about embedding these.

As a school we have recently signed up for the Building Firm Mathematical Foundations in Reception programme which will look to implement mastery strategies within the early years. The programme will involve a member of staff from the local authority working with reception teachers in order to improve the provision and the teacher input.

Maths mastery is focussed around the 5 big ideas and the aim of our mastery journey is to slowly incorporate each of these into our daily practice. 

For further information on maths mastery and the maths hubs, please follow the following link: