Welcome to the Starlings Class! 

Mrs Evans

Hello, I’m Mrs Evans. I’ve worked at Medlock Valley since January 2017 and currently teach in Year 3/4E. Before I became a teacher, I was a textile designer; creating colourful designs for fabric. I decided that I wanted to work with children and trained to become a teacher. My role in school is a class teacher but I’m also the PE lead and the history and geography lead.
Outside of school, I enjoy being with my family and walking near where I live. I love being outside in the fresh air and visiting different places. I also enjoy my weekly yoga classes and meeting up with my friends who make me laugh and smile.
My favourite times at school are when we go on visits, learn interesting new things, and share our ideas to make things easier.

Please find a link below to our class Twitter feed! Here we will post class news, regular updates and photos/videos of outstanding work happening in our class! Please check back soon for further updates.

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