At Medlock Valley we use a scheme called ‘Storytime Phonics’

What is Storytime Phonics?

The StoryTime phonics programme has been created with teachers and developed in schools 

to teach phonics in a way children will love and remember. Wherever implemented, this comprehensive programme brings success and joy to children and teachers alike.

The keys to its success are:
•    Taught using 64 well-loved story books* each with two accompanying videos and a host of online resources
•    Memorable captions and actions linked to every sound which contextualise and embed the learning
•    It follows Letters and Sounds to the end of Phase 5 through systematic, but adaptable daily lesson plans
•    Multi-sensory activities which bring sounds to life and make phonics fun, particularly for those with EAL & SEN

You can learn more about Storytime Phonics by following the link below