School Uniform

School Uniform is available from Debonair Schoolwear, please follow the link here.

School Uniform

  • Grey/black trousers/ shorts
  • Grey/black skirt, pinafore or trousers/shorts
  • White or red polo shirt / white shirt
  • White or red polo shirt / white blouse
  • Red sweatshirt (logo optional)
  • Red sweatshirt/cardigan (logo optional)
  • Socks: Grey or black
  • Socks: White or black. Tights: grey, black or red
  • Sensible Black school shoes (not trainers)
  • Sensible Black flat school shoes (not trainers)
  • Grey or red hijab
  • Red & white gingham dress

P.E. Kit:

  • Red or black plain shorts, white T-Shirt (not polo shirts), black pumps. Grey or black jogging bottoms and trainers (outdoors).


  • Not allowed at all INCLUDING ear-rings.

Make Up:

  • Hair is to be in a sensible style. NO shapes, lines or words to be cut into hair. Long hair is to be tied back with plain red or black bobbles. Small and simple red or black headbands can be worn. No false nails or eye lashes will be permitted. No nail varnish. No make-up.

Swimming Kit Year 4: 

  • Please can you make sure that ALL children taking part in swimming lessons bring their swimsuit/trunks and a towel. Swimming hats are preferred for girls with long hair. Fringes must be clipped back.