School Uniform

  • Plain grey or black school skirt, trousers or pinafore.
  • Red and white checked dress or plain grey or black knee length tailored shorts in summer.
  • White school blouse
  • White or red polo shirt.
  • Red cardigan or sweatshirt with or without our logo
  • White, black, or grey socks/tights.
  • Red or black hijab
  • Headbands, slides & bobbles in school colours (red/white/grey/black)
  • Plain sensible black shoes or trainers (trainers must be plain black without logo’s). No flashing lights. If children come to school in boots or wellingtons, they will need to bring their black shoes/trainers to change in to.
  • Plain red or black shorts
  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Trainers for outdoor P.E.
  • Hair must be tied back for P.E.
  • Ear-rings must be removed (or taped during the healing period) for P.E. and removed for swimming. If children cannot take their ear-rings out themselves, they should not wear them on P.E. days
  • Plain (no logos) sweatshirt or jacket with no hood and black or grey jogging bottoms/leggings.
  • Jewellery is not allowed other than a watch and one pair of small stud ear-rings. Please can children not wear ear-rings on school P.E days.

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