Reading Champions

At Medlock Valley, we have selected a group of children in Years 5 and 6 who are reading role models and advocates for the importance of reading. These ‘reading champions’ listen to pupils from Reception and Key Stage One read aloud. This allows the younger pupils to read more regularly and gives them the opportunity to have discussions about what they are reading with someone other than their class teacher.

Our current reading champions are:

Reception – Kaylor, Zenab, Katie, Abeeha A, Adam U and Mutsa

Year 1 – Amber, Luana, Isobel, Kevin, Prisha and Imran

Year 1/2 – Abeeha W, Alexis, Alex-Joy, Corey, Harley and Jannat

Year 2 – Aina, Ella, Tadi, Safa, Jack and Kourtney