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The REAL Project (Raising Early Achievement in Literacy) is an award-winning programme where trained Early Years practitioners work with families to support children’s early literacy and development.

We know that parents are their children’s main educators and by engaging them in their children’s early development, it has been shown to improve children’s outcomes and to help narrow the developmental gap between children.

This programme helps to build parent’s knowledge and confidence so that they can help their children with reading, writing and maths, whilst creating and developing a positive early home learning environment.

At Medlock Valley, we are working to deliver a REAL project across Nursery and Reception, providing our families with ideas, resources and fun workshops to enhance their children’s progress. 

We use the four key strands of literacy; environmental print, books, oral language and mark makingWe use the ORIM framework in order to support parents to provide Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction and Models of literacy and maths. 

For more information about The REAL Project, please follow the link below:

In addition to the REAL Project, we are working hard to develop the communication, language and literacy skills of all our children. 

We know that communication is fundamental to children’s development. 

It supports the ability of a child to communicate with others and to express and understand feelings. It also supports a child’s thinking ability and helps them to develop and maintain relationships. 

In order for children to become effective communicators they need to be able to use speech and language appropriately so that they can understand what is said to them and be clearly understood by others. 

Poor language predicts poor literacy skills and, without the right help, between 50% and 90% of children with persistent communication needs go on to have reading difficulties. 

Vocabulary at the age 5 is a very strong predictor of the qualifications achieved at school leaving age and beyond.

At Medlock Valley Primary we are supporting children to close the language gap, by providing a total communication approach.


  • Create an environment which promotes active listening and values what everyone has to say, whilst ensuring that all children have the confidence to speak out when they don’t understand.
  • Provide real life, hands-on experiences which promote the development of language and communication skills. 
  • Provide opportunities for speaking and listening across all areas of the curriculum.
  • Ensure that all members of staff understand their responsibilities in developing the communication skills of the children with whom they work. 
  • Develop communication strategies appropriate to children’s specific, individual needs, to empower them to communicate effectively. 

Children are taught a range of visual strategies to develop and extend their vocabulary, including Signalong. For more information see;

For more ideas and activities to support early years children with their language development, please click the link below:

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